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Redefining Busyness

29-07-19 7:30 pm -9:00 pm

I have said the B word, more times than I would ever want to admit and I want to believe you also mentioned this B word countless of time. By B word, I mean BUSY’. I have come to learn that too many of us wear busyness as a badge of honour. I’m busy, therefore I’m important and valuable, therefore I’m worthy. And if I’m not busy, forget it. I don’t matter.
To say it out loud, or to signal it by, say, checking your phone or laptop in meetings or multitasking without paying full attention to anything, is so commonplace that it feels harmless. There might have been a time when that was true — until it became an unthinking, default response.
The truth is, people aren't impressed. And worse, the impression they’re really getting about you can sabotage your career and relationships. Join me in this teaching as we explore this ‘B’ word and learn what people really hear, when we say we are busy. You will never utter this word again without thinking about it, and if you had worn it as a badge of honour, let me be the one to nicely take it off from you and hang it at a safe place. One lesson you wouldn’t want o miss.

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