Speaking and training T&C

Congratulations for recognising the importance of investing in YOU and/or your team and making the decision to engage an Audacity Business Solutions speaker or trainer. By engaging one of our speakers or trainers, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions which constitute the statement of understanding between the Client and Audacity Business Solutions with respect to the services purchased:

  1. The period of engagement and schedule is as per the booking form signed by you or your company's representative.
  2. Additional engagement details are as per the booking form signed by you or your company's representative.
  3. Payment is as per the amount agreed upon as per the booking form signed by you or your company's representative, with fifty (50) percent of the fee due and non-refundable upon the signing of this Agreement. You, the client, agree to remit the remainder of the payment prior to the speaker/trainer’s travel to the engagement.
  4. The speaker/trainer reserves the right to make travel arrangements and will book all air travel. You, the client, agrees to pay for air travel, and will provide, pay for, or reimburse the costs of lodging, meals, tips, ground transportation, and any other reasonable and customary out-of-pocket business expenses associated with the engagement.
  5. You, the client, are obligated to inform the speaker/trainer of the amount of driving time involved from the airport to the speaker/trainer's accommodation and to provide the speaker/trainer with a private, licensed transport company for all ground transport. In the interest of safety, all travel from the airport is to be restricted to daylight hours unless otherwise agreed upon.
  6. The speaker/trainer agrees to submit an Invoice/Business Expense report, supported by receipts, for reimbursement of all expenses incurred, due and payable when received by you, the client.
  7. You the client, will provide all equipment needed for the speaking engagement as agreed upon it the booking agreement.
  8. You, the client, will provide the speaker/trainer with the following information prior to the scheduled event:
    1. The speaking event’s theme
    2. Whether or not a prior event has been hosted at the scheduled venue
    3. If the selected venue is a hotel, whether or not the speaker/trainer’s accommodation is at the same hotel
    4. Names of others scheduled to speak at the event
    5. If the speaker/trainer is expected to address a media event, such as a radio interview
    6. If the speaker/trainer is expected to provide a video promotion for the event.
  9. If the speaker/trainer’s services are cancelled due to an Act of God or dangerous situation, all parties agree to reschedule the event with the same terms as stated in this Agreement.
  10. If the Client cancels the speaking engagement within 14 days of the scheduled event, the Client is responsible for reimbursing the speaker/trainer for any airfares or travel expenses already incurred.
  11. In the event of an emergency situation (i.e., personal/family related illness, accident, death, other) that causes the speaker/trainer to cancel, the Client may find a replacement for the speaking engagement, or the engagement may be rescheduled.  If the engagement is cancelled, the Client will not be responsible for expense reimbursements and will the reimbursed the fifty (50) percent deposit that was a condition of the signing of the Booking form.

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