The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

Achieve success by bringing fresh ideas and a different perspective to your business
There is a synergy of energy, commitment and excitement that participants bring to a mastermind group.

Sharpen your business and personal skills using a combination of masterminding, peer brainstorming, education, accountability and support.

Are there tried and true principles that are always certain to help a person grow?

John Maxwell says the answer is YES.

This 8 Week Mastermind is based on the book by John C. Maxwell - The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.

Everyone Communicates Few Connect

Everyone Communicates Few Connect

Connecting increases your influence in every situation
Only one thing stands between you and success. It isn't experience, it isn't talent. If you want to succeed, you must learn how to connect with people.

While it may seem like some people are born with it, the fact is, anyone can learn how to make every communication an opportunity for a powerful connection.

This 6 Week Mastermind is based on the book by John C. Maxwell - Everyone Communicates Few Connect.

Leadership gold

Leadership gold

Few people are successful unless a lot of people want them to be
People will summarise your life in one sentence. Pick it now.

We venerate great leaders, and we have the tendency to assume their accomplishments came about regardless of the assistance they received from others.

The truth, however, is that no leader would be great without the support and help of teammates. As a leader, you will never get ahead until your people are behind you.

This 10 Week Mastermind is based on the book by John C. Maxwell - Leadership Gold.

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